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Terenja van Dijk



as of 1999
Independent film- and exhibitionmaker
Direction and production of documentary films
Curator, advisor, scenographic designer for exhibitions
Research at the Catholic University of Leuven, Department of Architecture, Urbanism, and Spatial Planning
Educational coordinator, Module for visual communication and Presentation, Department of History, Media, and Theory, Architecture Faculty, Technical University of Delft.
1990 – 1997
Lecturer Transmission Techniques (communication, presentation, and video), Department of History, Media, and Theory, Architecture Faculty, Technical University of Delft


Television direction and production of documentaries,
Videcom Courses Hilversum

Architecture, specialization in urbanism,
Technical University of Delft

French, Certificat Pratique de Langue Française,
Université de Sorbonne, Paris


2017 - 2019 De wereld van Bruegel

Project leader of a parcours of exhibitions, ‘urban game’ and theater
Commissioned by Openluchtmuseum Bokrijk, Genk

2015 - 2016 Africadesk BOZAR

Consultant for the Africadesk at the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
Commissioned by Centre for Fine Arts / BOZAR

2016 Antwerp à la Carte

Direction & production of a four-part film Hungry City
i.c.w. Marie Françoise Plissart, photographer and filmmaker
Commissioned by MAS City Museum Antwerp.

2015 – 2017 Dragons! STAM, City Museum Ghent & Limburgs museum, Venlo

Curator of an exhibition for all ages about dragons and their cultural significance.
Commissioned by STAM, City Museum Ghent

2011 - 2015 Permanent exhibition Africamuseum

Development of a future permanent exhibition
Project leader renovation / permanent exhibition
Commissioned and employed by the RMCA, Royal Museum Central Africa, Tervuren Brussels
RMCA, April 2011 - August 2015

2008 - 2010 Enlightened City, day and night in Ghent

Opening exhibition for STAM, Ghent's new city musem
Exibition curator & scenography
Commissioned by Gent Cultuurstad / STAM
STAM Gent October 2010 - May 2011

2010 Masterplan for a 1914-1918 Memorial Park

early concept and vision development for a 1914-1918 Memorial Park
Scenography in design team Geurst & Schulze architects / Lodewijk Baljon landscape architects
Winning design Public commission 16/2008 Flemish Government Architect

2009, 2010 One foot in America, The Jewish Emigrants of the
Red Star line

exhibition at YIVO, Institute for Jewish Research New York en Gershman Y Institute Philadelphia
Exhibition scenography
Commissioned by the Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp

2009 Domestic Modernism, three homes in Turnhout

A documentary film on 3 houses built during the 60's and early 70's, their architects and their inhabitants
Direction and production film
Commissioned by Ar-Tur, Turnhout, in cooperation with CVAa.

2007 Laying the first stone, Kunstcampus deSingel

Publication, film, and small-scale exhibition on the occasion of the expansion of deSingel
Concept, editing, and coordination of publication, film, and exhibition
Commissioned by the international arts center deSingel and Hogeschool Antwerpen
Kunstcampus deSingel, Antwerp, October 2007

2007 Skippers’ quarter

Film about the city of Antwerp’s prize-winning approach to urban renewal in its red-light district
Direction and production of film
Commissioned by the Flemish Association for Space and Planning (VRP)
Antwerp, June 2007

2006-2007 The cabinet of curiosities at the Antwerp Zoo: between art and science

Exhibition about the Antwerp Zoo as a cultural, scientific, and urban phenomenon
Curator, exhibition scenography, direction and production of a series of videos
Commissioned by the Antwerp Zoo in the context of the municipal project ‘O dierbaar Antwerpen’
Antwerp Zoo, May – September 2007

2006 Kunstwerkstede De Coene 1888-1977, Masters of art nouveau, art deco and design

Municipal project on the history of an artistic manufacturing concern and its production of furniture, interiors, and architecture
Curator; exhibition scenography, direction and production of a series of filmed first-hand accounts
Commissioned by the Museums and Cultural Heritage Unit of the city of Kortrijk
Broelmuseum Kortrijk, September 2006 – January 2007

2006 Recollecting Landscapes

Scientific and artistic project on the rephotographing of the Flemish landscape
Direction and production of videos and multimedia
Commissioned by the University of Ghent and the Flemish Architecture Institute (Vai)
SMAK Ghent, February – April 2006

2005 Gent Veldstraat

Project on ephemera and the transformator of a shopping district
Scenography and production of exhibition
Commissioned by Ghent City of Culture
Hotel d’Haene-Steenhuyse and Veldstraat, April – May 2005

2005 Works, Maarten Van Severen

Retrospective on the work of designer Maarten Van Severen Direction of filmed portrait
Commissioned by the Design Museum Ghent
Design Museum Ghent, December 2004 – February 2005; Storefront Gallery, New York, May – June 2005;
MARTa Herford, September – October 2005; Dutch Design Center Utrecht, October 2005 – January 2006

2004 Counterpressure. Underground press during the Second World War

Project on the history of the underground press in Belgium during the Second World War
Scenography and production of exhibition; direction and production of film ‘Witnesses’
Commissioned by the Antwerp Municipal Library and the Institute for Social History (AMSAB)
Antwerp Municipal Library, September 2004 – January 2005

2004 OASE nr 64: Landscape and Mass Tourism

Editing of journal, research, filming of modern winter sports resorts in France
Commissioned by Nai-publishers, 2004

2003 Breaking ground in architecture

Educational project on architecture for students and teachers
Direction and production of educational video; editing and texts for books and website
Commissioned by the Flemish Architecture Institute (Vai) and CANON Cultural Unit, Flemish Ministry of Education, 2003

2002 Of Modern making

Direction and production of a series of videos for the exhibition ‘Van Moderne makelij’ (Of Modern making), about the Kunstwerkstede De Coene and Knoll furniture
Commissioned by the Cultural Heritage Unit of the city of Antwerp
Town Halls of Deurne and Merksem, Antwerp; Broelmuseum Kortrijk, 2002

12. Festivals & Artists in Residence

Direction and production of a series of documentary films
Commissioned by the World Culture Center Zuiderpershuis
Antwerp, 2001 – 2004

2001 I live in a monument

Project on inhabitants and social housing of Conforta, Arena, and Unitas in Deurne
Direction and production of video; project consultant
Commissioned by AMSAB, Institute for Social History, and!
Royal Atheneum Deurne, Antwerp, October – November 2001

2001 Museum workshop: kids looking at art

Video for instructors on the functioning of the children’s workshop of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp (KMSKA)
Direction and production of film
Commissioned by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp (KMSKA)
Antwerp, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, 2001 – present

2001 When a school becomes a monument

Direction and production of film about the Royal Atheneum Deurne (KAD), organization of educational project
Commissioned by the Royal Atheneum Deurne, with the support of the Flemish Community
Antwerp, 2001 – 2002

1999 - 2000 Homeward, Modern Architecture in Flanders

Direction and production of a series of videos for a traveling exhibition
Commissioned by International Arts Center deSingel
Le Magasin Grenoble 1999; Academica Belgica, Rome 2000; Venice Biennale 2000; deSingel Antwerp 2000

1999 Brieven aan Lola

Direction and production of pilot program about New York for children
Own initiative

New York, Antwerp, 1999

Older projects

Research and shooting script, postwar housing construction in the Netherlands
Direction of pilot program on Dutch communities
Thesis project: program development and design for a bathing resort on the sand flats of IJmuiden
Research into use and accessibility of Het Park in Rotterdam
Research and editing, exhibition and book ‘Met Zicht op Zee,tweehonderd jaar bouwen aan badplaatsen in Nederland, België en Duitsland’ [With a view of the sea: two hundred years of constructing seaside resorts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany] (Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Beurs Berlage Amsterdam, Hessenhuis Antwerpen, Landesmuseum Volk und Wirtschaft Dresden, among others)
Research and editing, handbook on architecture and urbanism for an excursion to Barcelona