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Terenja van Dijk



Breaking ground in architecture

Education project on architecture for students and teachers

Commisioned by the Flemish Architecture Institute and CANON - Cultuurcel, Flemish Department of Education [2003]

Direction and production of educational video; editor and author of book and website

‘Breaking ground in architecture’ is a course packet designed for working with secondary school students around architecture.

It shows how architecture unites technique, creativity, culture, history, and sociology. The packet consists of the film ‘When a school becomes a monument’, a handbook with interdisciplinary assignments, and a website with additional information including numerous texts on architecture.


On the website you'll find additional information: drawings and photographs of 3 documented school buildings with a representative architecture and organisations from different periods. Also on the website are several videoclips and, for the different tasks, texts on architecture.

Course packet
  • Terenja van Dijk
Editorial team
  • Terenja van Dijk, Saskia Kloosterboer, Dirk Terryn, Katrien Vandermarliere
Image editing
  • Terenja van Dijk, Saskia Kloosterboer
  • Geertrui Ivens
With special thanks to
  • David Caelen, Nele Geubels, José Kennes, Joris Scheipers, Veerle Truyen, Dirk Van de Vondel, Dirk Boeye, Ushi Van Dyck, Koen Verbraecken, Katrien Verstrepen, Achiel Hutsebaut, Jan Moens, Luc Verpoest, Jo Braecken, Rutger Steenmeijer, Rob Nijsse
CANON Cultural Unit
  • Jan Staes, Dirk Terryn, Jan Luyten, Déanne Durant, Sonja Demesmaeker, Monique Schoonjans, Piet Convents
  • Vlaams Architectuurinstituut
  • Terenja Van Dijk, Saskia Kloosterboer
Editorial team
  • Terenja van Dijk, Saskia Kloosterboer, Geertrui Ivens
  • Tom Hautekiet
  • Design is Dead
Drawings of school buildings
  • Koen Van Bockstal and Kobus Debruyne