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Terenja van Dijk



The effective and imaginative communication of topics, information and insights is always central. This ranges from telling a documentary story in an audiovisual way to designing the scenography for an exhibition or producing a publication. Depending on the project, this can be achieved with the help of eyewitness accounts, images, objects and documents, or textual commentary.

Ideally, projects are followed up in terms of both content and production, from initial research and concept formation to technical realization, so that all of the information, intentions, and ideas can be communicated in the right words, images, and scenography, with the right techniques, and in the most efficient medium.

To realize projects like these, I work on content and production with a variety of partners, including clients, academics, graphic designers, furniture makers, photographers, camera operators, and sound technicians.

Point of departure

My work as an exhibition- and filmmaker grew out of the study of architecture and urbanism, training in documentary filmmaking, and teaching communication techniques at the Technical University of Delft.

As an architect and urbanist, one finds the city and all its facets to be a constant source of study and reflection. In addition to projects related to architecture and urbanism, the subjects are increasingly varied – ranging from the underground press during the Second World War to New York for children or the culture of the Berbers.


For a decade now, I have been working on films, exhibitions, and educational projects commissioned by museums, cultural heritage units, and archives as well as cultural, academic, and educational centers. These range from international projects like a film series for the Venice Biennale to local projects designed with the inhabitants as both star performance and audience.