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Terenja van Dijk


Film directing

Films are almost always made on commission. Clients include museums, cultural organizations, and universities. Some films tell a story of their own in a separate, spatially independent area of the exhibition (‘I live in a monument’, ‘Works, Maarten Van Severen’, ‘Recollecting Landscapes’); others are short and fragmentary (‘Homeward’, ‘Kunstwerkstede De Coene’), and follow the exhibition route.

After a period of exploration, the client and I make a synopsis outlining the idea, application, public, structure, and length of the film. Shooting is preceded by location visits and interviews with the appropriate people. This results in a shooting script. For documentary films, a camera man/woman and sound technician are always part of the team. The footage is examined in depth, described, and coded so that a structure and script for the editing can be made. The film takes shape in collaboration with an editor.