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Terenja van Dijk



Memorial Park 1914 - 1918

Winning design international competition

Study Masterplan in order of Department of Foreign Affairs, Project Secretariat '100 Great War 2014-2018' (design 2010-2011)

Scenography in team Geurst & Schultze architects & Louis Baljon landscape architects

The study assignment contains a conceptual elaboration of an integrated landscape and cultural-historical project in the front region of the First World War in the Westhoek, West Flanders, BE

The occasion for the Remembrance Park is the commemoration of the First World War in 2014 - 2018. The landscape park will provide space for contemporary memory, meaning and reflection. It connects existing monuments, cemeteries, relics and sites and provides insight into how the landscape determines the course of the war.

Attention will be paid, among other things, to the flooding of the Yser plain between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide, the first gas attack at Steenstrate , the battles in the Ypres Salient, the battle of Passendale, the mine battle around Mesen and Wijtschate and the German spring offensive around Kemmelberg. The areas behind both sides of the front are also discussed, with attention for the German cemeteries at Langemark and Vladslo and for medical care in the area around Poperinge.

A network connects these strategic locations from the war, the Points of view, which often coincide with viewpoints in the landscape. Each visitor can make their own choice from different routes and storylines.

The team also proposes events on historical important data which reinforce the experience of the landscape and evokes and amplifies its history: e.g. a music performance which recalls the tension between the manpower in the German and Allied trenches, which for years were hidden on both sides of the river IJzer.

  • Geurst & Schulze architects (initiator)
  • Lodewijk Baljon
  • Terenja van Dijk
  • Jan de Graaf
  • Pieter Uyttenhove (professor of urban planning at the University of Ghent)
  • Johan Meire (anthropologist)