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Terenja van Dijk



When a school becomes a monument

Educational project

commissioned by the Royal Atheneum Deurne, supported by the Flemish Community [2001]

Direction and production of an educational film about the Royal Atheneum Deurne, organising educational project

Educational project

The Koninklijk Atheneum Deurne in Antwerp is a valuable modernist monument in restoration. In addition to a school, the building can also boast of a large reception room and bathhouse that were originally meant for use by the surrounding neighborhood. To heighten the students’ interest in their own school building an educational project is organized around the architecture of the building.


For an interdisciplinary work week, assignments for the fifth year of general secondary education (Algemeen Secundair Onderwijs, or ASO) were developed that, taken together, formed a picture of the spirit of the interbellum period, the architecture of the time, and the school, and that allowed the students to experience this architecture. After brief instruction, the teachers were able to function as their guides. - also see the website of the Flanders municipal education board.

The school project ends with the making of the film ‘When a school becomes a monument’, in which actor Dimitri Leue goes in search of architecture’s versatility in five chapters.

Educational documentary ‘When a school becomes a monument’

Architecture – a building – can never be comprehended in its totality. By telling the various stories of the building, the documentary tries to make the students aware of various aspects of architecture. The reality – that of building and that of the building itself – is complex. The film makes the students acquainted with this reality.

Actor Dimitri Leue goes in search of the various stories behind the architecture of the Royal Athenaeum Deurne (KAD). Along the way he meets an architect, an archivist, a professor, and a restorer who can answer his questions. In this way, he is able to explore modernism, the role of the architect, the monument, and restoration in four chapters.

The film is the starting point for a regional educational course packet about architecture, ‘Breaking ground in architecture’

Direction and production
  • Terenja van Dijk
  • Bjorn Charpentier
  • Sammy Goemaere
  • Chromasoom
  • Dimitri Leue
  • The film is the starting point for a regional educational course packet about architecture, ‘Breaking ground in architecture’