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Terenja van Dijk



Africa Museum Tervuren - permanent exhibition

Commissioned and employed by the Royal Museum Central Africa (RMCA) Tervuren Brussels  (2011-2015)

Project leader for the permanent exhibition during the renovation of the Africa Museum

A Project team of a dozen people, led by the project leader works during the renovation of the Museum Africa on a new permanent exhibition that fits substantively, spatially and technically within the contemporary context.

The Africa Museum is an international scientific institute with a hundred scientists from very diverse disciplines such as biology, geology, linguistics, musicology, history, anthropology. The collections of the museum are so diverse and extensive, the themes that are discussed and the people involved in it, so numerous that coordination is a necessity.

Besides the scope of the project, the stakes are high: how to create a contemporary permanent exhibition in a museum built for colonial propaganda, of which 80% of its collections and archives date from the colonial period?

The project team develops a visual script. The project team translates the story museological based on the substantive basis prepared by various working groups between 2002 and 2010. They search, collect and describe objects, documents and work on museological resources such as multi-media, testimonials, models etc. who can show and interact the themes and stories in the exhibition with its visitors.

The team assesses the new permanent exhibition on the mission of the museum, both a scientific reference centre is of Central Africa as a witness one of - and actor - in the colonial past. In addition, the concepts are discussed with a team of experts from the African diaspora.

The design of the exhibition is in the hands of scenographer Niek Kortekaas, who is part of the Temporary Company Stéphane Beel Architecten which was appointed in 2007 for the renovation of the museum.


This 2015 short film portrays the project leader and her role.

It was made for the website of the Africa Museum. (3 min.)